Plant & grow trees

Join us in setting up as many tree nurseries as possible. Nurseries are ensure a sustained supply of the much needed tree stocks. 

Reforestation, afforestation, agroforestry are all approaches available towards continued tree planting to restore degraded landscapes.

Climate resilience

Communities are the hardest hit and most affected. Livelihoods are greatly altered. Restoring their livelihoods is a step towards creating climate resilience.

Trees and forests indeed are the best nature-based solution to climate change, given the quantity of carbon they can capture and store.

Data and M&E

Our action is data-informed. Good data provides indisputable evidence. Technical expertise in collecting data is greatly needed.

Restoration action is prone to failure and cannot be scaled up effectively in the absence of proper M&E. We are welcome to expertise around effective M&E. 


Your Donation provides ongoing support for solutions led by the communities most affected by the climate crisis.

Reach us and find out how you could make your donations. We guarantee 100% of your donations would go into climate action. 

CaKK Thanks You for Your Generous Donations

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