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Research & Policy Development

We seek to take the lead in demonstrate the need for uptake of research findings into policy-making, which is increasingly gaining prominence for players who ultimately seek to contribute to improved outcomes of conservation and livelihoods of communities. Our efforts seek to create and disseminate knowledge which shall support policy changes in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

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Environmental Education, Awareness

We conduct Environmental education as a continuous process, which then allows individuals to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving and ultimately taking action based on deeper understanding created and equipped with the right set of skills to make informed and responsible decisions on environmental protection.

Our approach is premised upon: –

  • Sensitivity to our environment and the challenges thereto
  • Understanding of the environment and challenges it faces
  • Attitude & the motivation to improve the environment’s quality
  • Skills to identify and help resolve environmental challenges
  • Participation in resolution of environmental challenges
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Restorative Services

Our services cover restoration of degraded lands for food security and poverty reduction and alleviation in Kwale and the Coastal Counties of Kenya, as well as restoration of degraded extractive sites within the identified regions to eliminate further destruction of the environment. We aim to foster relationships with local communities to take the lead in restorative activities for sustainability of actions. Our introduction of the Zypit technology has largely been successful with local communities in Kwale county, and together with linked efforts which we seek to scale-up for the benefit of more households and the general well-being of the community and the environment. 

Why Love Nature

Nature provides us fresh air
Nature presents us a rare opportunity to connect with flora and fauna

Nature provides us an opportunity and surrounding to unwind

Nature helps us realize physical health benefits

Nature helps us find appreciation for life

Nature inspires 

Nature provides creates the balance that guarantees our very existence


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