Our Mission
To provide a link between enhancing livelihoods of local communities, restoration and conservation. 

Our Values
 Teamwork | Commitment | Transparency
ccountability | Equity | Integrity

Our Work

Conservation & Restoration

Our approaches rely on informed decisions on sustained based on sustained consultations, collaborations and synergies geared at creating a shared vision while also increasing the potential of realizing the highest level of protection and recovery possible. We commit efforts towards protection of biodiversity and natural resources. 

Environmental Awareness

Which then allows individuals to engage in problem-solving and take action. Our approaches includes Sensitivity to our environment & challenges thereto; Understanding of environment and challenges it faces; Attitude & the motivation to improve the quality of the environment; Skills to identify and help resolve environmental challenges; Participation in resolution of environmental challenges.

Climate Change

Climate Change is here with us. We deliberately undertake targeted actions that address climate change mitigation and adaptation, and which promote building resilience of local communities adversely affected by the impacts of Climate Change.

Livelihoods Enhancement

Poverty is directly linked to high rates of degradation of landscapes. Poverty reduction and alleviation for local and indigenous communities remains at the centre of our blended approaches to conservation and restoration. We rely on Agricultural Research and Innovation by key stakeholders to inform various actions which promote achievement of food security for local communities.

Why We Love Nature

...Nature provides us fresh air

Nature presents us a rare opportunity to connect with flora and fauna

Nature provides us an opportunity and surrounding to unwind

Nature helps us realize physical health benefits

Nature helps us find appreciation for life

Nature inspires 

Nature provides creates the balance that guarantees our very existence.

Ha of degraded landscapes to restore
Trees target to grow in 2024/25

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