Our Work

Sustainable Blue Economy

… encompassing the sustainable access to and utilization of ocean resources for economic growth, improvement of livelihoods and job creation, while also preserving the health of the marine ecosystem. We engage with the fisherfolk communities and other line stakeholders including state and non-state actors in joint concerted efforts towards better fishing practices, better value addition, sound storage facilities, market for produce, restoration of degraded mangrove sites. 

 Extractive Industry

 including mining of ocean sand, offshore petroleum exploration and drilling, mineral mining, has a net impact of irreversibly altering the lives and livelihoods of indigenous communities, while also posing critical harm to the marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We have constantly engaged and sensitized the local communities, mobilized the local political leadership, petitioned the national assembly through to the cabinet secretaries, in ensuring enacted laws are in tandem with all facets of human rights for local communities in the wider scope of advocacy…. 

Forest & Energy...

...for sustainability and net benefits to present & future generations. Forests provide plenty of ecosystem services which support life on Earth. But forest cover is being depleted partly to meet energy needs for poor communities. Sustained action towards conserving forests, investment in low/ zero-carbon energy alternatives.

Land & Advocacy ...

...through modern climate-smart agriculture, community based natural resources management involving complete participation of indigenous communities and other state and non-state actors, policy and decision-makers other critical stakeholders in informed decision-making on resource utilization, taking into consideration customary practices, knowledge systems in management, regulatory and enforcement processes.

DRR, Climate Governance & Policy...

...impacts of climate change continue to be felt by local communities through climate-related disasters. Efforts towards Disaster Risk Reduction remains key in building communities' climate change mitigation, adaptation & resilience. Continuous engagement with rights-holders, policy & decision-makers, toward realization of a citizenry-led Climate Change bill for Kwale County remains on course.

Kaya elders had exclusive access to the Kayas. Reverence towards the elders as well as the supernatural served to conserve the indigenous forests for centuries. Additionally, Kaya elders remain as custodians of information on medicinal value of trees in the forests, a critical service that nature provides man. Passing down such information to successive generations remains critical in efforts towards conservation of forests. CoAKe remains keen in facilitating the initiative.

Mzee Mwasabu – Sec, Kaya Council of Elders (Kwale)

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