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CaKK collaborates with local communities, state, and non-state actors to address environmental issues. Realizing successes in ecosystem restoration & regenerative agriculture requires concerted efforts. By restoring natural habitats and adopting sustainable agricultural practices, we contribute to a healthier environment and improved livelihoods. CaKK welcomes volunteers, local and international, to become active conservators and restorers.

Through advocacy, we seek to raise awareness on environmental issues, while stimulating individuals, groups, institutions to proactively seek information and take action. Our main goal of ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture are opportunities we believe if explored and well harnessed, would provide long-term solutions to environmental challenges we face. We are actively empowering charismatic advocacy champions to adopt and advocate for the various causes.

As a not-for-profit, we depend on donations to provide services related to our mission. Your donations go a long way into ensuring such acts of charity directly impact lives & the environment. Our commitment is to all donors is that not less than 70% of all donations received, both financial and in-kind, shall go directly into planned activities that restore the ecosystem and livelihoods. You may opt for a one-time or recurring donor. Choose your plan and Hit the Next button below.

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