Tree Nursery

Whereas the need to grow trees comes as a necessity towards realization of carbon neutrality, sustaining the initiative is most critical in these efforts. Our commitment is to ensure communities set up tree nurseries to provide long-term sustained supplies of trees in respective communities.

However, even with these efforts in setting up the tree nurseries in various communities, it is imperative that other supporting efforts are concurrently invested in. The location of the tree nurseries need to have conducive, with adequate water supply, the caretakers of tree nurseries need to be adequately trained in tree nursery establishment and management, the tree nursery needs to be adequately equipped with the recommended tools and accessories. Also important is the ability to restock the tree nurseries through germplasm collection, even as we incorporate science through production of researched seed variety that are climate smart.

Tree nurseries also have the potential to address poverty among smallholder farmers households. The emergence and sustenance of a strong tree nursery enterprise is one among key objectives we are working closely with other stakeholders to actualize.