Even as we commit to undertaking restoration of forests and degraded agricultural landscapes through tree growing and agroforestry practices, soil  and water conservation practices work to solve the challenges within short time periods. Adoption of Soil and water conservation technologies is considered a long-term approach and solution to soil erosion, a way of improving the soil water conditions as well as enhancing soil carbon sequestration potential.

Soil Conservation:
 encompasses all practices towards maintaining the functions of the soil in sustaining plant growth. Such practices involve managing soil erosion including the process of sedimentation, reducing its negative impacts and exploiting the new opportunities it creates.

Our intervention practices include: use of green manure, Mulching, Contour farming, Crop rotation, breaking soil compaction, abandoning slash and burn, Conservation tillage, Cover Crops, among others.

Water Conservation:
 encompasses all practices towards collecting & storing of water including rainwater, surface runoff, and effective utilization for later use in agriculture/ farm related activities.

Our intervention practices include:¬use of drought resistant crops, Mulching, Drip irrigation, Scheduled irrigation, Rain water harvesting, Domestic water pans and gullies, Zai pits, among other.