Natural resources on the planet continue to be exposed to immense pressure resulting from ever-increasing population and changing climate. Anthropogenic and adverse natural activities have been attributed to as major factors for the deterioration of natural resources. Water and soil remain as two such fundamental natural resources supporting agricultural production systems. Degradation processes from soil erosion pose serious threats to soil and water resources. In Kwale, substantial land area continues to be degraded by the water erosion process and especially from erratic rains which fall in high intensities. Also, intensive unsustainable agricultural practices accelerate soil erosion processes. Additionally, increased exploitation of groundwater further exacerbates the already too dire situation, causing depletion of groundwater levels. 

A critical holistic sound management of soil and water resources for agricultural sustainability, the protection of the natural ecosystem and survival of man, could not be overemphasized. Our focus is trailed on sustainable practices as cover cropping, crop rotation, sound drainage, green manuring including through vermiculture, rain water harvesting, storage and irrigation, contour farming, mulch tillage, slab and log-dams, water pans, vegetative waterways, afforestation, controlled grazing. The adoption of improved technologies, sustainable use of natural resources, and sound management practices are urgently needed to be incorporated to ensure protection of soil and water from degradation.

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