Communities are at the center of driving positive ecological, social and economic change around and among them.We collaborate and partner with  communities in Kwale county, Kenya. The county comprises of 6 sub-counties, with each sub-subcounty exhibiting unique extents of fragility resulting from disturbances that are both natural and human-caused.

Matuga and Msambweni sub-counties have recorded intensified illegal and unchecked mining activities involving sand harvesting alongside roads, rivers and on private land in recent years.

Shimba Hills subcounty is the water catchment area of the county. It is also home to varied wildlife in the Shimba hills forest reserve. The sub-county continues to suffer from charcoal production, illegal logging, overgrazing.

Lunga Lunga sub-county is the bread basket of the county. For decades, agriculture has thrived here because of favorable climatic conditions. This has, however, changed in recent years, with the communities ever so experiencing food insecurity. The sub-county continuously suffers from flash floods, charcoal production, illegal logging, overgrazing.

Kinango and Samburu sub-counties are the driest of all. Following years of tree logging, much of the landscapes here are visibly bare and agriculturally unproductive. The lands are vast and human population sparsely scattered. Many locals have moved out from these lands to search for more habitable geographies elsewhere.